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PSP Slim Piano Black

PSP 2000 Console Piano Black

Item #: PSPS0003
Reg. Price:$210.38
Sale Price:$191.95
You Save 9%
Availability:Item Discontinued

Product Description
PSP—you know it as the ultimate handheld gaming system—the place to play the very best in portable games. You may even know that the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system can do a bunch of other things as well. The PSP is the first truly integrated handheld entertainment system designed to handle multiple applications: music, video, communication, and wireless networking, with 3D games rich in high-quality, full-motion video and high-fidelity stereo audio as its primary driver. Once you've held all this in the palm of your hand, you won't ever be the same.
Detail PSP Slim Piano Black Console View
The New Paradigm in Gaming
  • Widescreen LCD puts you in the middle of the action.
  • Play on the go with a selection of hundreds of games, playable off a UMD™ (Universal Media Disc).
  • Gaming genres running the gamut, all with mobility at the center of the design
Your Own Personal Silver Screen
  • Pick from hundreds of movies and TV shows sure to please everyone
  • Easy mobility with your videos stored on a Memory Stick Duo™ (sold separately)
Groove to Your Tunes
  • Your tunes go with you anywhere and everywhere conveniently stored on a Memory Stick Duo™ (sold separately)
  • Choose from these popular formats — MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, and ATRAC3+.
Keep Your Photos and Slide Shows With You
  • Load photos from your Memory Stick Duo and display them on the brilliant LCD screen.
  • Use Wi-fi to beam images to friends and family.
  • Make a slideshow and show off your pics.
Cool Downloads From Any Hotspot
  • Connect at any hotspot.
  • Get the latest PSP content from
LocationFree TV
  • View DVR content, live TV, or your DVD player content directly on your PSP widescreen — from any accessible hotspot on the face of the planet!
  • Use a LocationFree Base Station to hook up any compatible DVR, camcorder, TV, DVD player, or PC. Then kick back anywhere you get wireless connectivity and watch TV shows, personal videos, and movies to name just a few on your PSP.
  • TiVo your favorite TV programs and save them on a Memory Stick Duo.
  • Convert the data stored in TiVo memory to PSP format using TiVo-To-Go™ service, which is available for only $24.95 (one time flat fee).
  • More details on the service are at
Podcasts Via RSS
  • Check out audio and video podcasts downloaded from RSS feeds to your PSP.
  • PlayStation Mayhem and other RSS content are available from the official PSP web site.

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PSP Slim Piano Black