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SteelSeries Siberia V2 USB Headset

SteelSeries Siberia V2 USB Black Headset 51103 Redefines the PC Audio Experience

Item #: PCMH0003
Reg. Price:$142.95
Sale Price:$130.95
You Save 8%
Availability:Item Discontinued

Product Description

The SteelSeries Siberia V2 Headset sets new standards in aesthetic appeal, performance and functionality; lightweight and comfortable to use, these headphones have a robust steel construction which makes them sturdy. Add to this the unsurpassed noise reduction and it’s easy to understand why the SteelSeries Siberia V2 should form a part of your digital entertainment kit.

The earcups use padded cushions covered in leather which ensconce the headphones. The thick yet comfortable and soft cushions are built from noise reducing foam which helps the user to concentrate on the voice or audio communication that the headset is being used for while it effectively filters all external noise. The closed type headphones are ideal whether to enhance the quality of VOIP phone calls or just to enjoy your favorite songs in high definition audio.

Because the headset can efficiently capture sounds of mid, low and high range, it offers unparalleled audio performance where every acoustic nuance is captured and defined. The integrated sound control which helps the user to manage the headphones as well as the microphone further adds to the ease of usage and functionality of the device.

However, a distinctive physical attribute that makes the SteelSeries Siberia V2 stand out among its competitors is its retractable microphone; it can be conveniently pushed in so and safely stored inside the ear cup when not in use. This unique feature not only makes the headset look better but also augments its uses, so you can conveniently use the SteelSeries Siberia V2 even when on the move because you are not flashing the headphones around.

The 7.1 virtual sound card included with the device is also a marked improvement over your onboard sound card. Then there is the USB plug in option which makes the headset even more convenient to use. All in all, the SteelSeries Siberia V2 is a robust and highly functional device.

Siberia V2 Features

  • Closed Type Headphones – Passive noise reduction via leather padded cushions built from sound dampening foam
  • Pull-Out Microphone – “Invisible,” retractable, uni-directional microphone in left ear-cup
  • Built on Proven Success – Successor to the award-winning, unique SteelSeries Siberia Full-size Headset
  • Clean Soundscape – 50mm drivers provide a detailed audio experience at high, low and mid tones
  • Optimized Soundscape – Clear reproduction of everything from mood setting music to 3D positional alerts
  • Extremely Comfortable – Lightweight headband suspension for maximum comfort during long sessions
  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound – USB 2.0 sound card featuring a 12-channel equalizer and 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • In-Line Volume Control – Integrated volume and microphone control located on headset cord
  • Compatibility – Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, ME

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SteelSeries Siberia V2 USB Headset